We have some handy information below for general information, cleaning, setting up your printer on the network and adding email addresses. 

Feel free to download our step-by-step guides for your convenience.

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Troubleshooting Guides

Lines on Scans and Copies but not on Printing

There will be times when lines will appear on the Scans and Photocopies but they are not showing up when you print a document from your Computer.  This generally happens when the Laser Slit Glass is dirty.   Please follow the instructions that will show how to keep the glass clean when you are scanning documents into the Toshiba Photocopier

Find your Network Settings using your computer

If you are trying to connect your computer to the network printer, then first you need to find out what the Network Settings are.  This is a great instructional guide to "Finding your Network Settings using Windows PC" will help you locate the network IP Address and Default Gateway.  Please download and follow the instructions to find your network settings.

Finding the IP Address of the Printer

Once you have your network settings (see instructions on Connecting a Computer to the Network).  Then you will need to find the IP Address of the Toshiba Photocopier.   Follow these simple instructions on finding, setting or changing the IP Address of the printer to allow your computer to connect and print through the network

Connect to the Network Printer & Scanner - Windows PC

If your computer needs to print through the network, then you will need to follow these instructions for setting up the computer to allow printing through the network.   This can only happen if you have connected the Toshiba Photocopier to the correct network on a properly assigned IP Address.  Follow these instructions to install the correct print drivers and set up network printing

Connecting your Apple Mac to the Network Printer

If you have an Apple Mac and want to know how to connect your Toshiba Printer to the Apple Mac and get great printing and scanning results.  Follow this instruction guide from Toshiba to help with installing the correct print drivers on your Apple Mac.

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Download Team Viewer for your PC

Sometimes our technician may need to log in remotely to make changes to your printer, or to assist with setting up and connecting your computer to the network printer.  Please follow this link and down load Team Viewer.  Use basic installation for private / non commercial use.

Adding Email Addresses to the printer using Internet Explorer

If you are looking to add email addresses to your Toshiba Photocopier, there are 2 ways to do this.  Firstly you can use Internet Explorer on your computer, or secondly add the email addresses into the Address Book listed under "User Functions" on the printer itself.   This guide shows you how to add email addresses using Top Access on your computer.

Adding Email addresses using the Photocopier Address Book

If you are wanting to add or change a person's email on the photocopier, this guide will help walk you through the steps on the control panel of the machine.   You will need to be in front of the Photocopier for this process

Department Code Settings on the Toshiba Printer

Businesses that have lots of staff may want to set Department Codes on the Toshiba Printer to ensure that they can monitor the printing done by each team member.  Your Toshiba Photocopier has the ability to set department codes for the printer.  Follow this instructional guide to setting and maintaining Department Codes on your Toshiba Printer.

Changing the SMTP Settings for Scan To Email functions

Sometimes you may change your Internet Service Provider and the Scan to Email function no longer works.  Follow this simple guide to update your SMTP Scan to Email Settings on the Toshiba Photocopier

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning of the Laser Shield

Sometimes your Toshiba Photocopier may request that you clean the laser shield.   Here is a simple guide to cleaning the laser shield which projects the image and allows the printer to produce your documents.   Carefully follow the instructions so as not to break the cleaning wand.   This will help keep your printer functioning at its best.

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